01 Concept

The 01 Concept is the best possible solution to compete in the Dakar at the top level and in a sustainable way. This 2WD buggy of the T1.3 category is fuelled by e-fuel and is the lightest vehicle in its category, with only 1,621 kilos, thanks to the use of lightweight materials and to a simple mechanical concept. All that means it is the one that needs less energy to run.

It has to be considered that e-fuel is the energy storage system with the highest energy density of all those used in the Dakar Rally: 10,752 kWh per liter. It is the way to carry energy that occupies less size and weight. Thanks to this the 01 Concept is capable of storing 3,870 kWh inside its full e-fuel tanks, which only weigh around 400 kilos. Using batteries capable of storing such an amount of energy would mean a weigh more than 22 tons (with an energy density of 0.17 kWh per kilo).

The 01 Concept is a very fast and efficient car to face a challenge like the Dakar, demanding high amount of power and great autonomy for long and rough stages, thanks to its lightness, long-travel suspensions, rear-wheel drive and electronically controlled tyre inflation/deflation system.

The engine’s injection system and its the electronic management has been adapted to the e-fuel. It delivers 283 kW at 4,600 rpm with CO2 emissions reduced by 70% compared to those of a gasoline engine. On top of that, the 01 Concept does not emit solid waste or microparticles from its exhaust pipe.

vehicle eng.png

The E-Fuel


E-fuel is a synthetic, ecological and sustainable fuel thanks to its low emissions, both in its production and use phases, and solves the great challenges of the energy transition in terms of storage and transport of renewable energies.

How is it produced?

The production of e-fuel is based on obtaining synthesis gas using renewable energies. This synthesis gas is then processed in several chemical transformation processes that result in a synthetic liquid hydrocarbon that is easy to use, store and transport.

What are its advantages?

E-fuel is carbon neutral: its environmental impact is zero. The CO2 that is emitted into the atmosphere during its combustion is the same that has been extracted from the air during the production process. In addition, it does not emit solid waste or microparticles.

Like fossil fuels, e-fuel is capable of storing an enormous amount of energy in a very small size and weight: one liter of e-fuel contains 10,752 kWh. Just 9.3 liters of this fuel stores the same amount of energy as a 100 kWh battery, which is 55 times heavier. The energy efficiency of e-fuel is 12% higher than that of gasoline.

E-fuel can be stored and transported at room temperature and pressure, just like conventional fossil fuels and lubricants. Thanks to this, it can benefit from current fuel transport and distribution infrastructures (tanker trucks, pipelines, service stations …).

It is also fully compatible with current internal combustion engines, which means it can be used to power vehicles, airplanes and ships, which can continue to operate in a sustainable and climate-friendly way.

Once the refinery processing is complete, e-fuel can completely replace conventional fuels and can be used as “e-gasoline”, “e-diesel”, “e-kerosene” or “e-lubricant”. What’s more, it is also possible to mix it with conventional fuels and lubricants in any desired proportion, since its chemical composition is identical.

Carbon Footprint

Astara Team wants to be an example of sustainability in the world of motorsport. Our goal is to show that one can compete at the highest level and with minimal environmental impact, without a huge waste of resources.

But in addition to creating the best possible solution in terms of performance and environmental protection, we are going to take care of measuring and reporting the carbon footprint of the team’s two cars competing in the Dakar Rally.

This accounting and reporting of emissions from our cars will be carried out according to standardized measurement protocols (GHG Protocol, ISO 14064 standard) and will be reviewed by a trustworthy independent company.

When the rally ends, a full report of the carbon footprint generated by our two 01 Concept will be drawn up and made public.